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Training by Centurion Leadership Group

Introduction to Leadership

What is it and why is it important? How does it differ from management? Types of power.

Leadership Theory

Review of the most prominent academic theories of leadership – past and current (traits, principles, servant, contingency, situational, transformational,

Leadership Ethics and Values

Scripture-centric and how to navigate today’s challenges in this regard.

Responsibilities of the Leader: Building Organizational Culture

A healthy, welcoming, & productive working environment. Compare/contrast at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

Self-Assessment & Introspection

Include personality testing (MBTI, Enneagram, Big 5, HEXACO, DISC).

Introduction to Strategic Planning & Implementation

Overview of the process & its major steps

Identifying & Engaging Organizational Stakeholders

Board of directors; employees; press; the interested public; and their expectations & mandates

Identifying & Engaging Organizational Stakeholders

Organizational Values, Mission, & Vision

Organizational Assessment

External environment; internal environment; SWOT; PEST

Identifying Strategic Issues & Formulating Strategy

Strategy Implementation

Developing & implementing action plans, communicating them, & assessing their execution

Leader Communications (Community & Public Relations)

Intercultural Communication Skills

Building unity while respecting & leveraging diversity

Promotion Innovation

Conflict Resolution

Leading the Politically Divided

Dealing with polarization. How to avoid the minefields while getting people focused on shared values, vision, & mission.

Basic Financial Management

Budgeting & resource prioritization

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